Fine Gold Prospecting in the Glacial Till

By Greg Mulac

If you live on the North East­ern coast of the US in an area that does not have nat­ural gold deposits, prob­a­bly the best chance you have to pan gold is in areas where the glac­i­ers dumped their trash. Well, back to “some trash is other people’s trea­sure,” and that’s what we have with what the glac­i­ers dumped on us. It can give you a chance to try out the gold prospect­ing hobby near your home before ven­tur­ing off to a gold bear­ing region.

In south­west­ern PA and East­ern Ohio we have an oppor­tu­nity to go look­ing for these glacial deposits that are known to con­tain Fine Gold, Raw Dia­monds and small Plat­inum. All of these are very fun and prof­itable to find.

How did it get here? Well it really did not have a choice. It was pushed with an unimag­in­able force from Canada and then dumped in our back­yard. In this area we were impacted by at least 3 main glacial peri­ods. The Wis­con­sian, Illi­noian and the Kansan peri­ods came through and left us some fine gold to play with. Most of these 3 peri­ods had numer­ous advances and retreats, so the maps will give a bet­ter idea of where to look.

The best place I have found to get good infor­ma­tion and maps is from the US gov­ern­ment. They have a great map and infor­ma­tion book­lets avail­able on there pa web site. It can be found at

Make sure to look around while your there and down­load and print the books and maps that inter­est you. The Penn­syl­va­nia Glacial Deposit map can be found at

The only dif­fer­ence in find­ing the gold com­pared to areas that have nat­ural gold deposits is you will prob­a­bly be deal­ing with smaller creeks and streams so dredg­ing becomes a “do the best you can under the cir­cum­stances.” In look­ing for the gold in the Glacial areas I have not found much in the grey clay, most is found in the area about an inch from the top of the clay. In look­ing for a good spot while test pan­ning, the black sand is still the best indicator.

The ben­e­fit to those Glac­i­ers dump­ing their till on us is for those of us that call this home, we get to pan for gold with out hav­ing to run off to Cal­i­for­nia or Alaska. If you start your gold prospect­ing adven­tures with fine gold, you will become one of the best at recov­er­ing any type of gold. When you can pan the con­cen­trate down and recover the fine gold and Black mag­netic sand, just imag­ine how easy it will be for you when you get to a spot that has nuggets that you can pick up with your fingers!

Greg Mulac trav­eled the globe 25 years pur­su­ing Gold Prospect­ing /Trea­sure Hunt­ing pas­sions. Today, retired from an IT Career, he thrives in SEO and Inter­net Mar­ket­ing ventures.

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