SW Pennsylvania’s unique cuisines and the region’s cul­tural diver­sity!
Makes the Best Christmas Gift

This book should have been called
“The His­tory of the Peo­ple, Places and Food of South­west­ern Penn­syl­va­nia“

SWPA Trivia, Poems, Sto­ries and Many Vin­tage Photos.
There is a road you haven’t trav­eled down for some time.
It is in the back of your mind hid­den away. Take a strol­lown that road with me today. Get in a cool stream on a
hot sum­mer day of your child­hood and let it carry you to a
place you haven’t been in a while.
Th e beauty of the rolling hills and mead­ows, the smells
cap­tured in a warm breeze on a spring day and the taste of
a home­grown tomato sand­wiched in between two pieces of
Grandma’s home­made bread can take you back to a moment
in time that you would’ve oth­er­wise for­got­ten. Th e
sights, sounds and smells bid you come and they never fail
to remind you that you grew up in South­west­ern Penn­syl­va­nia.
Dou­glas Robinson

Here is a small sam­pling of the recipes:
Isaly’s Chipped Ham Recipes
City Chicken
Pitts­burgh Pizza
Three Rivers Kiel­basa and Beer
Paska (or Pascha) — Tra­di­tional Easter Bread
Bratwurst With Kraut
Kiel­basa with Sauer­kraut and Onions
Pork And Sauer­kraut Casse­role
Ken­ny­wood Taffy Apples
Penn­syl­va­nia Dutch Hus­tle Cake
Beef In Guin­ness
Ser­bian Pogacha Bread
Pitts­burgh Foot­ball Party Cilantro Salsa
Hrudka — Egg loaf
Amish Friend­ship Bread
Pri­manti Sand­wiches
Ken­ny­wood Potato Patch Fries
Zuc­chini Bread
Flan­nel Cakes, Made From Sour Milk
Fried Zuc­chini Strips
PNC Piero­gies with Sour Cream
Kiel­basa and Cab­bage
Wed­ding Soup
Drop Potato Dumplings (Kartoflane Kluski)
Pure Piero­gies
Hun­gar­ian Cau­li­flower Soup
3 Sauer­kraut Soup Recipes
Tara­tor (Bul­gar­ian Cold Soup)
Hot Bologna (spicy)
Pigs in a Blan­ket (Galump­kis)
Apple But­ter
Schnitz Un Knepp
Penn­syl­va­nia Dutch Shoe­fly Pie
Borscht — Ukrain­ian style
Baked Spareribs And Sauer­kraut
Hun­gar­ian Gypsy Goulash
German-Style Meat Loaf
Stuffed Meat­loaf
Boova Shenkel
Ger­man Pot Pie
Coal Miner Cook­ies
Flitch — Old-Fashioned Potato Candy
Blee­nies — Fried Potato Pan­cakes
Stuffed Frankfurters

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